ECR4Kids Wall-Mounted Baby Changing Station
ECR4Kids Wall-Mounted Baby Changing Station

If you want nothing but the excellent, then ECR4Kids baby diaper changing station sits the one you should consider, as it manages to bring a lot to the table.
The ECR4Kids baby diaper changing stations are made of high-density polyethylene in a white granite color, which is simple.
Your multiport to ensure the proper installation, a professional and qualified must install the ecr4 kids horizontal changing station by installation guidelines.

Features ECR4Kids Wall-Mounted Baby Changing Station

This modern and latest wall-mounted horizontal baby changing station from ecr4kids is made for use in a business restroom and daycare, preschool, and institutional installations.
The baby diaper changing station contains two built-in paper line dispensers and one perfect bag hook on each side that holds up to twenty-five pounds each.
The ECR4kids baby diaper changing stations offer a controlled, slow-closing and changing station for safety.

The changing station specs a safety strap and a perfect diaper bag hook.
The pneumatic cylinder offers a controlled, slow-closing and opening of the changing station for safety. Made of paper and lined with plastic.
Changing pads come pre-folded and are disposable.
To ensure the proper installation, you must have a professional and qualified ECR4 kid’s horizontal changing station by the installation guidelines.
Due to a wide range of installation choices, ECR4kids does not offer installation hardware.


  • Relax, smooth concave changing area has a nylon child safety strap with a side release.
  • It contains two built-in paper liner dispensers and one perfect bag hook on each side that grips up to twenty-five pounds each.
  • Modern area-saving and bacteria-resistant stations are made of top-density polyethylene in a white granite color, which is simple to clean.

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Everyday wall-mounted baby changing station – The ECR4 kids wall-mounted baby changing station is made for use with toddlers and infants in commercial restrooms.
Optimized for safety – our baby changing table specs a perfect and relaxed concave surface and an adjustable child-safety strap to keep kids safe in location.
The weight capability is 250 lbs.
New design: diaper – changing table has an area-saving design that specs an antibacterial top-density polyethylene plastic for durability and strength in a fantastic neutral-white color.
Multiple convenient specs – diaper changing board specs, two diaper bag hooks that hold up to twenty-five lbs. Each keeps personal items off the floor and two built-in sanitary paper liner dispensers.
Certified and compliant – This changing station is ANSI, ADA, and ASTM compliant when rightly installed by an expert.
Expert installation – A professional must elevate the place and offer the proper hardware to ensure compliance and safe use.
Hardware not added for optimal safety.

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Simple to mount on the wall, this charging station is perfect for commercial uses, whether in public restrooms, daycare centers, or preschools.

The diaper changing area comes with a concave and perfect design with a safety strap made from nylon added for a side fast-release.
There are two paper liners built into the unit and a bag hook where you can secure your items for ease while changing your child’s diaper.

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ECR4Kids Horizontal Changing Station

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