Kinbor Baby Changing Table Folding Diaper
Kinbor Baby Changing Table Folding Diaper

Kinbor Baby Changing Table Folding Diaper helps make life simpler and more suitable for parents.
No more bending over to change cloth diapers.
Fold it if you finish all the jobs.
With its area-saving design, you can store it behind a door.

Features Kinbor Baby Changing Table Folding Diaper

  • Perfect for 0-3 years old
  • Ideal height for handling your baby’s mess
  • Used a changing table and massage table for kids
  • Compact folding design for simple storage
  • No more bending to replace diapers or massage for babies
  • Furnished with three compartments, a tableside for simple access to towels, diapers, and any other accessories


Multifunctional design

Kinbor baby changing table can replace cloth, change diapers, and massage care.
Relax your spine. It specs a safety strap to keep the baby safe.
And there is a ruler on the top area, which is used to measure the baby’s height.

Environmentally friendly material

The tabletop’s surface is made of Cationic cloth, which can openly contact the skin and is simple to clean.

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Big storage organizer

Packed with three compartments aside from the table, you can conveniently place towels, diapers, and other accessories.
The bottom storage area is also accessible to keep toys, baby clothes, diaper pails, etc. You can hang towels and baby dresses at the side of the table.

A foldable changing table with a foldable design can save it quickly to keep the area and be perfect for traveling.

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Stable, compact construction

Non-skid foot covers and a strong frame keep the table stable and stop the movement to ensure your baby’s safety.

By folding the changing table with a foldable design, you can save it to keep the area and convenience for traveling.

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Things to look for in a changing table

  • Furniture needs to be saved to the wall to not topple over on your baby. Most changing tables appear with ropes and anchors to brace them in location. If not, the domestic hardware store will have the pieces you need.
  • To handle a baby’s business fast, you will want to keep diaper cream, disposable wipes, and diapers accessible. It is excellent to have a table that lets you save them out of the baby’s reach, or you will risk items ending up in the baby’s mouth.
  • While they are perfect specs for nervous first-time parents, do not trust or get too relaxed with changing table straps. You should never leave a kid unattended, even if it is to grab a toy or a pair of pajamas in the same place. Forever keep one hand on your LO.
  • When using a hand-me-down changing table, ensure the paint finish is safe and non-toxic. Even newly painted vintage finds can be hiding lead paint, which can be very serious for developing kids.
  • It isn’t easy as you believe to diaper a squirmy, big baby. When a baby reaches thirty pounds, generally around a year old, it is safer to replace him with a towel or pad on the floor. But do not hesitate. You will be an expert by then.

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