Kealive Baby Changing Table
Kealive Baby Changing Table

It is a fantastic deal to pick the diaper changing table dresses as a gift for your newborn kid to match the nursery room.
Your pretty baby will enjoy himself on the changing table when dressing, changing a diaper, and playing with his parents.

Features Kealive Baby Changing Table

Kea lives unique baby changing table will support you say goodbye to back pain if you need to change diapers frequently.
Extensive storage with six removable baskets under the changing top is perfect for reaching the baby’s supplies and classifying their necessities.

Safe and humanized design changing table

The baby changing table has safety rails on four sides of changing place; the 30.31-inch clear height of changing diapers from the floor can decrease the waist strain caused by the frequent bending and replacing of diapers, making it the best gift for pregnant to greet the newborn baby.

Sturdy and durable diaper changing table

The baby diaper changing table made of natural oak hardwood has robust toughness and painted atmosphere-friendly paint.
The metal support bar beneath the changing surface offers further stability.

Big storage diaper changing table

Infant changing keeps everything little for a clean look in the nursery; six baskets offer a spacious storage area for baby supplies, such as blankets, toys, diapers, etc. removable baskets can be used anywhere in the home.

Simple to assemble and clean baby changing table

Simple to assemble the infant changing table, use mild soap and damp cloth to dirt-free this changing table, wipe clean as required.

Sleigh style changing table

A baby changing table is a perfect-looking piece of furniture; the compact changing table can fit in different areas, and more color offers you to pick to match other home nurseries or styles.

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Big storage

Big baskets pull out and are completely removable in two sizes. You can store a baby’s diapers, clothes, and toys in six baskets to keep your room tidy.
And you will be perfect for changing your baby’s diaper.

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Embedded screw

A baby changing table dresser permits you to put a lot of baby supplies in it.
Embedded screws made changing tables more stable and saved your baby’s fragile skin.
Humanized design
It is vital to pick the right diaper changing table. Perfect heights help mothers decrease waist pain when changing diapers many times, making it more straightforward for you to take care of your baby.

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Safety straps and rails

The safety rails on four sides of the changing area and safety straps offer further stability to ensure baby security during dressings or changes.

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Why do you need a Kealive baby changing table

A changing table offers a designated safe location for you to change your baby’s diaper.
Whether for a traditional changing table or a dresser with a changing pad on top, you will be happy to have the best place for diaper changes.
It is suitable and trouble-free to have all required diaper changing gear – diapers, wipes, and diaper rash cream -organized in one place.

Be sure to have a diaper pail within arm’s reach for a dirty diaper’s simple disposal.
A changing table is mainly helpful for moms recovering from C-sections because bending over at the twist can be un-relaxed, so if you know you might get one ahead of time, this might be the best investment for you.

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