What Should Baby Wear To Bed In Summer
What Should Baby Wear To Bed In Summer

What should the baby wear to bed in summer? This is the most common thought that every mother has in their minds, and they are also a little bit conscious about it.
Well worrying about the summer’s dressing during bedtime is pretty correct. 

Because deciding to dress baby for sleep 72 degrees is much tricky compared to wrapping them in less temperature. Especially for new mothers who have no idea about the baby’s dressing before. 

But no more worries! Because in this article we will give you a complete guide that what should baby wear to bed in summer.
Along with this guide, we will also enlighten some essential facts from which every mother should be aware.
So let’s begin directly with the main query: what should baby wear to bed in summer. 


It seems pretty easy to decide what they should baby wear to bed in summer. But the truth is far from this because most mothers think that keeping your baby in a diaper will be fine for their baby.

But it’s pretty risky because if the temperature falls and there will be a little bit of cold in the sleeping surroundings. Then your baby can get out and have to face some issues, just like chest congestion, flu or fever, etc. 

Let’s take a look below to know exactly what we should baby wear to bed in summer. Because leaving them undressed is not a solution.

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According to experts, nurses keeping a baby in single-layer sleepwear must be ideal for any mother as babies can’t regulate their body’s temperature just like an adult can.

That’s why soon their body turns cold, even in hot weather. That’s why dressing them in a single layer of sleepwear doesn’t let their body get hard and not too warm during sleeping in summer.
This means you should have to wear your baby a single layer of sleepwear while sleeping in summer. For a heated environment, a single layer is enough for a baby. 

However, if you want to dress a baby for sleep in an air conditioning room, then indeed, you have to increase the number of layers according to the room’s temperature. 

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One highly breathable onesie can be enough to dress a toddler for sleep in summer.
So choose a onesie that will be lightweight and made of highly breathable material such as cotton, bamboo. 

Natural materials like cotton and bamboo are supposed to be excellent breathable materials for babies as dresses made from such materials are highly breathable and provide enough ventilation plus pull moisture away from a baby’s body. 

The cotton or bamboo-made sleepwear allows the baby’s skin to breathe and maintains the baby’s body temperature. Also protects the body from overheating or from being cold. 

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Probably most mothers think that no matter if the weather is too hot. Still, their babies need a warm atmosphere to sleep soundly, and for this, they cover the baby’s head, hands, and feet.

While doing this doesn’t seem right and dangerous. There is no doubt that Beanies and booties are an ideal bub accessory but for cold days. Covering your baby with them in summer can be foolish.

The headwears and booties can be caused by choking. That’s why I always loosen the booties and keep the baby’s head uncovered. Because this can allow the baby’s feet 
and lead to breathing, which maintains their body’s temperature.

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For a newborn, till 5 to 6 months of babies, you should also have to use a lightweight swaddle or swaddling blanket. A lightweight swaddle provides more comfort and doesn’t let your baby cool while sleeping in summer.

The lightweight swaddle acts as an extra layer, because of which, you can skip the extra clothing like pajamas and long-sleeve sleepwear. 

As with the onesie’s material, make sure that the swaddle also should be highly breathable. So that’s how you can leave your baby in a swaddle for a longer time freely. Experts preferred Muslin or cotton material while choosing a swaddle.

The things mentioned earlier are considered the best option to dress a baby for sleep at 75-degree room temperature.

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Always keep in mind that no matter what the outside temperature is. You have to dress up your baby according to the room temperature. 
Mothers usually avoid using long-sleeved dresses for a baby in summer. Well, it’s pretty fitting. But if your baby is sleeping in an air conditioner room, then indeed, the room temperature is cold enough for your little one, even in summer.

That’s why wearing long-sleeved sleepwear can protect your baby from the coldness of the room and keep them warm. But if the room is not cold enough for a baby, you can leave them in short-sleeved sleepwear.

In short, you must dress your baby in long sleeves when the room is running on the air conditioner. Otherwise, you don’t need to overdress your baby in the summer.


The mothers used to analyze the body temperature of their baby by pressing their hands or feet. At the same time, you will be surprised to know that this is absolutely the wrong way to analyze your baby’s body temperature. 

It’s just a myth that you don’t have to follow for the sake of your baby’s safety and sound sleep. You can quickly get to know if your baby is overheated while sleeping by keeping an eye on some signs that your baby gives to you. 

These signs must be like.

  • SWEATING: Sweating is the most common and easily understandable sign to know that your baby is too hot while sleeping. If your baby feels hot in summer, their body starts sweating even if the hands still can be cold.
  • FAST BREATHING: Rapid breathing is another sign that now your baby gets overheated. That’s why they start breathing too fast. 
  • HEAT RASH/MILIARIA: If you see clusters of red bumps or blisters on the skin of your baby. It means this is the reason for the heat rash. By visiting that mark on your baby, you can quickly get to know that your baby is too hot while sleeping.
  • WET HAIR: You can also touch your baby’s hairs and if they are wet. Then it’s a clear sign that your baby feels too hot.

The signs mentioned above are too easy to judge, and that easily lets you know if your baby is too hot while sleeping.
Knowing what a baby should wear to bed in summer can protect your baby from such situations and offer them comfortable and peaceful sleeping. 

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Many parents(especially new parents) don’t take care of the room temperature and baby’s body temperature. While for a baby, it must be necessary to have a balanced room temperature. 
Because the room temperature doesn’t match with the baby’s body temperature and if it’s become too warm for a baby. Then this would be highly risky for a baby. This can lead a baby to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
Generally, 7.5 degrees Fahrenheit is considered an ideal baby’s body temperature. And according to this temperature, the baby’s room temperature should be between 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. 
Less than this temperature could be too cold for the baby. Or, if the temperature rises to 72 degrees Fahrenheit, it would be too hot for a baby.


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At the end of this article, we hope that this article resolved the

enigma of the mothers that what should babies wear to bed in summer. 
Also, help you to find the right piece of sleepwear for your little one.

In addition, the above giving guidelines would be helpful for you in keeping your baby cool in summer. 

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Parent’s tips: What should my baby wear to bed?

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